NAUCC 2023


The Twin Cities Unicycle Club is proud to host NAUCC 2023! 

Please join us Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 22, 2023 in Bloomington, Minnesota for a full week of competitions, workshops, and events for unicyclists of all levels. This NAUCC has been designed with you in mind – whatever your age and skill level, you’ll find workshops and competitions to grow your skills and connect you with other unicyclists. All competitions are spectator-friendly and open to the public.

What is NAUCC? The North American Unicycle Convention and Championships is the annual gathering of North American unicyclists. Unicyclists of all ages join together for competitions in six disciplines, including freestyle, muni (mountain unicycling), road races, team events, track, and urban. Topping off the week are convention events, including workshops and our annual meeting. 

As your event hosts, we hope you’ll join us. We’re working hard to create a family-friendly week of unicycling. We encourage you to try a new event or two. We can promise you’ll build memories, develop your skills, and cultivate friendships.

Build memories * Develop skills * Cultivate friendships

Banner Photo: Trina Hess

Last Updated: 5/1/23